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Dr. Djalaei

Dr. Sina Djalaei is the owner of the private practice “d-aesthetic,” which he established in 2011 and is located in the Schildergasse, Cologne. As a specialized surgeon, Dr. Djalaei concentrates on facial modeling without the necessity of using a scalpel. By using injections with Hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin (botox), surgeries become unnecessary.

Women focus more on wrinkle treatment, nasal correction, lip modeling, and dark circle treatment.
For the male patients, who are on a rapidly growing trend and are already hitting the 20 percent mark, Dr. Djalaei designed the Mascu-Look. By using premium, quality Hyaluronic acid, he helps men achieve a more pronounced facial feature, which also accentuates their masculinity. Top priority is always the naturalness of it. Dr. Djalaei’s trademark is to increase the attractiveness of the patient, without noticing the treatment as such. To look better and still be you – this is the promise he fulfills. 

A doctor as well as an artist

This is where Dr. Djalaei’s expresses his self-perception of being a doctor and an artist.

His personality combines aesthetic sense and mind as well as discipline and philanthropy.

These characteristics build trust and made it easier for the cologne surgeon with Persian roots to gain a foothold in Germany, after he left his hometown Teheran as a 9 year old to find himself in a foreign country, having to adapt to the language. With diligence and determination, by the age of 19, the doctors’ son received his high school diploma. Right after that, Dr. Sina Djalaei started his medical studies at the RWTH Aachen, and finished it with the shortest study period of twelve semesters. Six years ago, after his clinical experience home and abroad, they recognized him as a specialized surgeon. Soon afterwards, he settled down in his own practice. 

Attractiveness is not a female privilege 

The specialist for aesthetic medicine did not let his guild neglect and underestimate the needs of men any longer. That was motivation enough to design the Mascu-Look! An attractive appearance is, after all, not only a female privilege, but also a contemporary ideal of men in Europe’s 21st Century.

In 2015, Dr. Djalaei published a scientific essay on his self-developed Mascu-Look in the journal "Aesthetic Dermatology”, to let experts participate in the innovation he developed. Furthermore, he hosted regularly workshops for his medical colleagues in his practice located in cologne.

Since 2015, Dr. Djalaei also introduces his self-developed Mascu-Look at the largest anti-aging congresses worldwide.