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The MASCU|LOOK Treatment Concept 

Pronounced facial features, like the jaw bone, and chin is what makes men appear more attractive.

The Mascu-Look gives the younger menfolk more sex appeal, while giving the mature men, whose facial contours are saggy, a more younger and vital appearance (anti-aging effect).

Treatment duration: Approx. 20 minutes

Treatment process: To restore the cheekbones (zygomatic arch), the jawbone, chin, and chine line; hyaluronic acid injections are used in those areas.

Treatment results: Overall, the facial features appear more attractive, fresher, and masculine while still looking natural.

The Modern Male
The 21st Century Aesthetics 

Men no longer want to rise in their careers only, they have also discovered the many aspects of being a man in their free time; no matter if, it is being a tender father or an ambitious chef, they make a good figure in everyday life. This is also because across all generations, more and more men value their outer appearance.

Well-groomed and stylistically confident

Improving your physical appearance, in the 21st century as well as in other epochs, is a project both genders are allowed to work on. Men focus on regular sports activities and a healthy diet. Fair amounts of men show their masculinity with a trendy short haircut, designer stubble, clothing that accentuates their muscles, tattoos, or body jewelry. They also do not miss out when it comes to their personal care; a German man spends an average of 3 hours per week, which is the absolute peak in Europe and almost identical with Italy! However, that does not soften the differences between the sexes; in fact, men are now more masculine than ever.

Fresher, more attractive and masculine

“Today, men are no longer afraid of using a face cream. They have caught up when it comes to cosmetics and treatments, which causes the number of the leading female patients to shrink,” says the cologne surgeon and aesthetics specialist Dr. Djalaei. In order to give men an understanding of their own ideals of masculinity, Dr. Djalaei developed the Mascu-Look. The concept concentrates in individual facial modeling, which leaves them looking fresh, more attractive, and most importantly masculine. Women seem to appreciate that, a survey regarding the attractiveness of a man revealed that females always look at the men’s face before going down to his behind, legs, or hands.

Looking New In A Natural Way

The Mascu-Look makes masculinity irresistible, while still looking natural. It perfects the modern male image – “stronger sex” and “fair sex” is not mutually exclusive. Even soccer players nowadays do not have a rough looking appearance, like people to say in Bavaria, but are rather an image of a man even if it may not be David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Mats Hummels.

There has never been so much masculinity, especially not in the cologne street scene, where the Mascu-Look appears so well on its blond warriors and oriental princes’ habitants. Today, they will visit the gym and tomorrow a plastic surgeon…


“Men have come to realization that women pick their men by the same criteria, men used to choose their females back in the days. This means men have to present themselves.”
Fashion designer Wolfgang Joop (70)


An Image of a Man: The Mascu-Look Revolution

The aesthetics innovator, made in Germany international, has become a talking point with his Mascu-Look. Its secret lies on a pronounced facial feature and a masculine facial expression. Dr. Djalaei, who specializes in aesthetics facial modeling, founded and later perfected the concept in his private practice “d-aesthetic”.

Gentle and almost Painless

The minimal invasive treatment is extremely gentle and has nothing in common with a regular surgery. The reason therefor is that Dr. Djalaei, a specialized surgeon, does not use a scalpel for his Mascu-Look but injections. Almost painless is the treatment for his patients, where he injects with a fine needle with hyaluronic acid under the skin. By injecting it into the right areas, he gives the face a more masculine profile.

Modeled and contoured get areas like the zygomatic bone, chin, and chin line. “The Mascu-Look designed by me, helps men to achieve a more attractive look. After the treatment they are noticeable fresher and more masculine”, says Dr. Djalaei. His expertise and his sense of aesthetics are the guarantors, for the optical changes while still looking natural and not “done.”

Through meticulous preparation and a holistic concept, Dr. Djalaei makes sure to plan and place each injection in a way that they are harmoniously connected with one another and the proportions of the face and profile stay in balance.  Briefly: The overall impression is perfect!

Presentable at any Time

“Naturalness means; my patient looks better with the help of the Mascu-Look, while still retaining the same facial expression as before the treatment, just like he went on vacation and not to the plastic surgeon,” explains the specialist.

Because nothing hurts and there is no bleeding, or disfiguration, men stay presentable at any time. They are able to socialize immediately after the treatment, go back to work, or go shopping. There are only a few rules of conduct to follow for a couple of days. 

One Hundred Percent Masculine

Especially men at any age can take advantage of the Mascu-Look, which is a real revolution. While giving the younger menfolk sex appeal, it allows the older generation to look rejuvenated and vital (anti-aging effect); the secret lies in modeling the saggy face parts and bringing back the volume and elasticity. The purpose here is not to remove wrinkles; “they make men look interesting and belong to the individual character,” says Dr. Djalaei.

The exception is a pronounced tear trough, where some men can look exhausted or even sick. Based on a careful analysis, a treatment with hyaluronic acid can also be possible upon request.

For patients with extremely thin lips, the specialist also recommends for aesthetics reasons, to build-up the lips. Of course, unobtrusively, and never appealing doll-like.

 "My patients can rely one hundred percent on my facial corrections, which will make them look more attractive and masculine."

Course of Treatment

Based on an aesthetic concept lies the Mascu-Look, which defines anatomical facial features by characterizing the masculine personality or rather increasing it. These are literally the ideal aspects, since the Mascu-Look has to be implemented differently on every man. This means it needs to be customized on the actual face landscape, to make the patient look fresh, more attractive, and masculine - never “fake.”

Naturalness is Dr. Sina Djalaei’s top priority, which is why a treatment according to a pattern is unsuitable. His treatment concept provides anatomic analysis, an artistic vision, and covers the patient’s fully discussed wishes. Additionally, he leaves a margin for final touches in the further course of the treatment.

Attractiveness after One Injection

“Those who go to the gym for the first time do not look like Hercules after two or three dumbbell training sessions,” says Dr. Djalaei. “Same thing goes for the Mascu-Look.
In order to show and establish a pronounced visual change, some patients require several sessions and need to start with shorter intervals in my practice.”

However, after the first treatment, which only takes a few minutes, desired effects are noticeable and look quite natural. Many patients are satisfied by it and do not need further treatment for the time being. Therefore, it is worth driving a longer distance to Dr. Djalaei’s practice. 

Refreshing is Pays Off

If necessary, the individual adapted treatment continues until an optimal result is achieved, that fully satisfies the patient and doctor. The results achieved by Dr. Djalaei’s treatment prolong up to two years. With minimum effort and correspondingly moderate treatment costs, follow-up appointments (roughly every twelve months) are to preserve and if desired extend the look. 

What exactly is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronan, is a viscous natural substance, which represents in the chemical point of view a long polymer chain of sugar molecules (Polysaccharides). These have the property of binding water, impressively up to six times their weight. No wonder our organism produces hyaluronic acid in order to use it in many different ways:

It binds moisture in the skin and ensures the cohesion of the cells.

As a component of the joint lubrication (Synovia), it keeps the knees flexible, feeds the cartilage, and protects it from wear (arthritis).

For the eye, it causes the lenses not to dry out and to be able to adapt smoothly to the contractions of the eye muscles.

From Wrinkle Treatment to 
Facial Modeling 

The body’s production of hyaluronic acid starts decreasing at the age of 25 and keeps declining until the age of 60, leaving only a tenth of the original quantum. Medical application of hyaluronic acid helps the deficiency, for example, as a component of eye and nasal drops or as an injection into the knee joint during arthrosis.

In the aesthetical medicine, the use of hyaluronic acid has proven to be particularly useful for treating wrinkles, lips, and ears or to shape the nose as well as achieving marked facial contours, which is exactly the case in Dr. Djalaei’s self-developed Mascu-Look.

No Risk of Allergies

In medicine, there are consistently synthetic variants of hyaluronic acid in use, produced with the help of bacterial cultures. As a natural form, it is well tolerated, since it does not contain animal proteins. It does not cause any allergic reactions or side effects, except of occasional swelling or bruising, which occurs when injecting the hyaluronic acid. 

A More Durable Look 

Small drawback: Because hyaluronic acid is biodegraded, the results are not permanent. For this reason, Dr. Djalaei uses for the Mascu-Look exclusively high quality products, manufactured by world market leaders. These products, so-called "firmer" fillers, are characterized by a higher content of hyaluronic acid.

As a result, the Mascu-Look lasts longer, for some patients even more than two years. Of course, it can be preserved beyond that point - preferably by scheduling the next injection approximately twelve months after. The follow up treatment will therefore, provide a new result before the previous starts fading. This ensures that the Mascu-Look never renews from the ground up.

Rules of Conduct After the Treatment

The injected facial areas should remain sterile for at least three hours after the treatment, to prevent any infections. Therefore, avoid direct skin contact with your fingers.

ou should not exercise for two days, to achieve the optimal treatment outcome, without disrupting the healing process.

Sauna and solarium are taboo for at least one week. The same goes for outdoors, avoid heat or UV rays, which means stay away from the direct sunlight.

Mild swelling or bruising can occur up to three days after the treatment without it being a concern. Such appearances usually go away by themselves, but for your own safety, you may like to schedule a check-up in our practice.

Treatment costs

In order to achieve the individual treatment result, tailored to the patient, initial injections might be necessary more frequently with only a few weeks apart (build-up phase). The price is based on time and complexity.

Once achieving the treatment goal and it is aesthetically satisfying, the treatment interval extends significantly. This causes to reduce the effort of maintaining the treatment result (maintenance phase), so that less and less will need to be spent on further treatment.

The treatment expense is calculated, after a detailed consultation and a facial analysis, depending on the individual treatment demand and time needed.